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Cell Culture Facility

The Cell Culture Facility provides all Duke researchers with cell lines and laboratory reagents at significant discount, with no additional shipping charges.

CCF Core Store

The CCF Core Store is now accepting orders for Delivery Only.  Place your orders through CoreResearch@Duke:  https://coreresearch.duke.edu/.  

Send an email to ccfcorestore@duke.edu (Do not send to ccfduke@duke.edu!) with the following information:

  • E-Mail Subject = “CoreStore Delivery”
  • Your Name
  • Your PI Name
  • Phone Number that someone will answer!  We will schedule deliveries to your lab and must have a good phone number
  • Delivery Location – Building and Room #
  • CoreResearch REQ#

We cannot accommodate customers at the store window for any reason.


Special Orders

Place Special Orders as usual through the CCF website, https://ccf.duhs.duke.edu/.  All Special Orders MUST BE DELIVERED.  Therefore, you will need to select "Delivery" on the order with a delivery location.  Provide a phone number that someone will answer as we will be scheduling deliveries.


Cell Services 

Cell services are available between 08:00 and 13:00 or between 13:30 and 14:30 by appointment only (no walk ups!).  This includes dropping off samples for mycoplasma testing, picking up cell line orders and liquid nitrogen.  Please email ccfduke@duke.edu to set up an appointment.  YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO THE JONES BUILDING BEFORE SCHEDULING AN APPOINTMENT!


Please check this website daily as protocols may change.

Open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Welcome to the new site for placing and managing your CCF orders.

The first steps to using this site are to sign in with your NetID and then enter the Account Logins that your orders may use.  

Your feedback will help us improve this initial site.