Duke University Health System

Cell Culture Facility

The CCF CoreStore Ordering and Billing System is Changing to CoreResearch at Duke – April 2, 2018


Beginning 4/2/18, purchases of In-stock products, which includes the CCF CoreStore, case media and in-stock FBS should only be placed using CoreResearch at Duke.


Online orders of Non-stock 'Special Order' products and Cell services are not changing and will continue to use the existing CCF ordering system.


Questions? - Email Scott Langdon (CCF Director) at scott.langdon@duke.edu

Contact Information for Sales Reps

Bio-Rad Antibodies (AbD Serotec), Lauren Fuller, lauren_fuller@bio-rad.com, 919-995-2429  
Agilent (Stratagene),  Sara Hardy, sara.hardy@agilent.com, 919-208-7816
Bioline, Matt Purdy, mpurdy@bioline.com    919-619-9069
Bio-Rad, Alexius Petrucelli, alexius_petrucelli@bio-rad.com
Clontech, Bryan Hess, bryan_hess@clontech.com  919-720-1159
Fermentas  NOW Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sandra Savic, sandra.savic@thermofisher.com  919-423-5377
Hyclone NOW GE Healthcare, Fabiana Morales fabiana.carvalhomorales@ge.com 346-201-9820
KapaBiosystems, D.J. Smith, david-j.smith@kapabiosystems.com  317-489-7815
Life Technologies (Invitrogen) NOW Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dean Gillespie,  dean.gillespie@thermofisher.com 919-757-3825
Lonza, Ray (Harold) Tritch, harold.tritch@lonza.com  919-274-8240
Mediatech, Derek Romaine, romained@corning.com, 91-232-0496, Meredith Lewis, lewism2@corning.com  919-931-3431
New England Biolabs
Phenix Research Products, CeCe Hue, Chue@phenixresearch.com, 828-418-1075
Pierce  NOW Thermo Fisher Scientific, Manuel Paniagua, Manuel.Paniagua@thermofisher.com
Qiagen,  Eli Ellis, eli.ellis@qiagen.com 919-916-0945
Sigma, Stephanie Luther, Stephanie.luther@sial.com  919-632-2839