Duke University Health System

Cell Culture Facility

The CCF Storeroom has moved to MSRBI Room 025G.

Cell Services and LN2 are still in the Jones Bldg.

The CCF will be closed Thursday & Friday, November 23th & 24th.

Orders for all companies will be placed on Monday, November 20st at 11:00 am.

No orders will be placed on Tuesday or Wednesday (November 21 and 22).

Contact Information for Sales Reps

AbD Serotec, Jennie Rohrer, jennie_rohrer@bio-rad.com, 919-945-9483   
Agilent (Stratagene),  Sara Hardy, sara.hardy@agilent.com, 919-208-7816
BioExpress, Rob Blackman, rblackman@bioexpress.com, 919-210-9457
Bioline, Matt Purdy, mpurdy@bioline.com    919-619-9069
Bio-Rad, Kelly Weinel, kelly_weinel@bio-rad.com, 919-771-6476
Clontech, Bryan Hess, bryan_hess@clontech.com  919-720-1159
Fermentas  NOW Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sandra Savic, sandra.savic@thermofisher.com  919-423-5377
Hyclone NOW GE Healthcare, Geoff McGee, geoffrey.mcgee@ge.com  1 435-792-8423, Fabiana Morales fabiana.carvalhomorales@ge.com 346-201-9820
KapaBiosystems, Jens Erichsen, jens.erichsen@kapabiosystems.com  919-306-5444
Life Technologies (Invitrogen) NOW Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dean Gillespie,  dean.gillespie@thermofisher.com 919-757-3825
Lonza, Ray (Harold) Tritch, harold.tritch@lonza.com  919-274-8240
Mediatech, Meredith Lewis, lewism2@corning.com  919-931-3431
New England Biolabs, Christopher Cook, cook@neb.com  978-810-1172
Omega Scientific, Lauren Supko, lauren@omegascientific.com  800-799-5873
Phenix Research Products, Annina Gruber, AGruber@phenixresearch.com, 828-418-1075
Pierce  NOW Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lauren Sheckler, lauren.sheckler@thermofisher.com, 919-210-5057
Qiagen,  Eli Ellis, eli.ellis@qiagen.com 919-916-0945
Sigma, Stephanie Luther, Stephanie.luther@sial.com  919-632-2839