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Cell Culture Facility

The CCF CoreStore Ordering and Billing System is Changing to CoreResearch at Duke – April 2, 2018


Beginning 4/2/18, purchases of In-stock products, which includes the CCF CoreStore, case media and in-stock FBS should only be placed using CoreResearch at Duke.


Online orders of Non-stock 'Special Order' products and Cell services are not changing and will continue to use the existing CCF ordering system.


Questions? - Email Scott Langdon (CCF Director) at scott.langdon@duke.edu


The Cell Culture Facility, (CCF), provides all Duke Researchers with cell lines, cell culture technical services and laboratory reagents at significant discount, with no additional shipping charges.


CCF accounts:

A lab should set up a CCF account for each fund code they wish to use at the CCF. New Account Login Request This link is also on the left side of the 'My Account" page.


Please allow 24 hours for a new account to be setup. All email addresses on the account application will receive an email giving the new account login and pyxis password. This information should be distributed to all persons who are authorized to use that charge code for supplies and services.You must add the new accounts yourself to your NetID profile. Just log into the CCF website with your NetID, go to the 'my account' page and go to the 'add account login' link that is in the center of the page.


If you need to change the charge code on your account please go to the link on the 'My Account' page Change the Code on an Existing Login (ie account). The form will ask you to list the account number, the current code, the new code, the date that the code change is effective and the expiration date of the new code. The code change will be effective on the first of the current month and on all unbilled purchases unless you specify a different start month.


The password on your account can be changed at any time. Please make sure to inform all authorized persons with the new password.


Using an Account on the CCF website:

In order to be able to use an account to place an order on the website, the account must be added to the NetID profile of each user. The user should sign into the CCF website using their NetID and go to the ‘My Account’ tab. There will be a list of the CCF Verified Account Logins and below that will be a link to ‘add account login’. The user must follow that link and enter the account login and pyxis password.


Please list your preferred email address on the ‘My Account’ page. The email address that Duke initially tied to the NetID may no longer be valid. The CCF automatically sends order status updates to the preferred email address.


Placing an order for a cell line:

All the cell lines in the CCF repository are listed in CCF Cell Lines. Each cell line is listed twice; please select either the frozen vial or the live T75 flask.

If you order a frozen vial before 11am, the vial will usually be ready for pickup that afternoon. It will be the customer's responsibility to culture the cells properly and the growth of the cells is not guaranteed. If you order a live T75 flask before 11am, the cells will be cultured that afternoon unless they require a special media that must be ordered. The cell growth in the flask will be examined the next morning and you will be notified when to pick up the flask. Flasks that are picked up promptly are guaranteed by the CCF.

Please contact Zermeena Marshall, ccfduke@dm.duke.edu if you would like to request cell culture technical services.


Placing an order for a laboratory product:

We will order non-stock items from any of the 25 vendors who have price discount and free shipping contracts with the CCF. These vendors and the days that the orders are placed are listed on the Ordering Schedule. The orders are placed at noon, you must place the order before noon to have it shipped that day.

When using the product search please do not fill in the catalog number and a description and a vendor. First try to search using a portion of the catalog number which does not contain a hyphen. Add a vendor name or and important word from the description if you need to reduce the number of search responses. Products where “CCF” is listed as the vendor have reduced prices because we buy those products in bulk and receive a bulk discount.


Please request items before noon on the day of the order. Orders that are placed after the noon cut-off time will be ordered on the next order day for that vendor.


We will send an email when the product arrives and indicate the temperature storage location in the CCF where you can pick up your order. Because we receive so many products each day, your order may not be unpacked and available until 1:00 PM on the day of receipt.


Please pick up your order within three business days (72 hours) of the time of the email notification. Because of the high volume of special orders, the CCF cannot be responsible for the safekeeping of orders that are not picked up within three days.


Please notify us promptly if you have any problems locating your order at the CCF. If you have concerns about the performance of the product we can supply the order information so that you can discuss the problem with the vendor technical service. If the vendor is shipping a replacement, that replacement will be sent to the CCF. Please let us know that we should expect it. Then we can make sure that you are notified when the replacement arrives.



Pyxis vending machines:


Important: If there is a problem signing out a product because the machine inventory is mistakenly set at zero or the ‘take’ button doesn’t work, please take the product that you need and send an email to sherry.larson@duke.edu with your login account # and the quantity and catalog number of the product that you took. Call 919-536-2240, 668-0322, or 668-0324 for help if you can’t logout. You may need to ‘return’ the product to clear your screen and then use the ‘X’ button in bin 5 to escape the transaction.


The login and password can access any of the vending machine locations. To use the Pyxis vending machine computer checkout:


1) Pull out keyboard.

2) Type in your login name. The login will be a single letter followed by 2 numbers. To proceed to the next line, press ‘TAB’ on your keyboard or touch the screen at the next line.

3) Type in your password. The password will be at least 5 characters long and case–sensitive. When completed, touch ‘LOGIN’ on the screen or press ‘ENTER’ on the keyboard.

4) If the ‘TOTAL ACCESS’ button appears, touch it on the screen. (Not all log-ins have this feature.)

5) You will hear all the doors unlock.

6) Purchase products by pressing the green ‘TAKE’ button at each product location. The refrigerated items have their corresponding buttons on the refrigerator door. You must hit the ‘TAKE’ button once for each item taken, including multiples of the same item.

7) When you have finished shopping, review your list and touch ‘ACCEPT’ at the bottom of your screen. Using ‘enter’ will not work.

8) Enter your name when prompted and touch ‘ACCEPT’ at the bottom of your screen. Using ‘enter’ will not work.

9) You have a final chance to purchase any additional items at this time. If you are finished, touch ‘LOGOUT’ button at the top of the screen. If you do not logout, the following person can charge their order to your account.

Please note the following:

1) The ‘FIND ITEM’ function does not work.

2) Each door only opens ONCE. If you need to get into a refrigerator a second time, press ‘ACCEPT’, enter your name and press ‘ACCEPT’ again. You will see a blank order sheet. Press ‘MAIN MENU’ at the top of the screen, then ‘TOTAL ACCESS’. The doors will unlock again. You will still be in the same transaction.

3) Items can be returned for credit ONLY if you are in the same transaction in which you purchased the item. Once you leave the transaction you must contact the CCF for a credit. Items can be returned within three days if they are unopened and have been kept at the correct storage temperature.

4) If you logged in but did not find a product to purchase, you can close the transaction by pressing the X (Escape) button in bin 5 above the keyboard. Then go to step 7.

Call 919-536-2240, 668-0322, or 668-0324 for help.