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Cell Culture Facility

Ordering Schedule

Companies & Ordering Schedule

We will order non-stock items from the following vendors. Please request items before noon on the day of the order.

The CCF can not guarantee that the products will arrive on the projected arrival day. Product arrival may be delayed by the vendor if the product is out-of-stock or if a hazardous product must ship by ground freight. There can be shipping delays due to bad weather or if the shipping carrier or the vendor experience shipping difficulties.

We will send an email when the product arrives and indicate the temperature storage location in the CCF where you can pick up your order. Because we receive so many products each day, your order may not be unpacked and available until 2:00 PM on the day of receipt.

Please pick up your order within three business days (72 hours) from the time of the email notification. Because of the high volume of special orders, the CCF can not be responsible for the safekeeping of orders that are not picked up within three days.

Please notify us promptly if you have any problems locating your order at the CCF. If you have concerns about the performance of the product we can supply the order information so that you can discuss the problem with the vendor technical service. 


Order Day

Arrival Day

AbD Serotec Monday Tues.-Wed.
Agilent (Stratagene) Tuesday Thursday
BioExpress Monday Tues.-Wed.
Bioline Tuesday Wednesday
Bio-Rad Tuesday Wednesday
  Thursday Friday
Clontech Tuesday Wednesday
Hyclone/ GE Healthcare Tuesday


KapaBiosystems Tuesday Wednesday
Lonza(BioWhittaker/Clonetics) Tuesday


Unless the product is shipped from Germany

MediaTech (Cellgro)

Monday Wednesday
New England Biolabs Tuesday Wednesday
  Thursday Friday
Omega Scientific Monday Wednesday
Phenix Research Tuesday Thursday
Qiagen Monday Tuesday
  Wednesday Thursday









Thermo Fisher Scientific   (Life Technologies, Fermentas, Pierce) Monday Tuesday
  Wednesday Thursday
  Thursday Friday