Duke University Health System

Cell Culture Facility

The CCF CoreStore Ordering and Billing System is Changing to CoreResearch at Duke – April 2, 2018


Beginning 4/2/18, purchases of In-stock products, which includes the CCF CoreStore, case media and in-stock FBS should only be placed using CoreResearch at Duke.


Online orders of Non-stock 'Special Order' products and Cell services are not changing and will continue to use the existing CCF ordering system.


Questions? - Email Scott Langdon (CCF Director) at scott.langdon@duke.edu

Overstock Discounted for Sale

These items are currently overstocked at the CCF.  They will be sold at 25% off the price listed on our website.  Please see Alfreda or Zermeena to purchase something.  You can also email ccfduke@dm.duke.edu with any questions.