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Cell Culture Facility

The CCF CoreStore Ordering and Billing System is Changing to CoreResearch at Duke – April 2, 2018


Beginning 4/2/18, purchases of In-stock products, which includes the CCF CoreStore, case media and in-stock FBS should only be placed using CoreResearch at Duke.


Online orders of Non-stock 'Special Order' products and Cell services are not changing and will continue to use the existing CCF ordering system.


Questions? - Email Scott Langdon (CCF Director) at scott.langdon@duke.edu

Fetal Bovine Serum


Lot Availability & Cost

These lots have been screened by the Cell Culture Facility. Certificates of Analysis are available by clicking on the lot number.

In-stock FBS products listed below should be ordered from the CCF using Duke’s CoreResearch system.


 Bottles Available
as of 6/5/2018


  Endotoxin EU/ml


 Hemoglobin mg/dL


 Cost per 500 ml

Gibco FBS 16000044, Lot #1939706


<0.1 10.6


Gibco HI FBS 10082147, Lot #1955187

200 <1 4.4


Hyclone FBS SH30071.03, New Lot Pending



Hyclone HI FBS SH30071.03HI, Lot# AC10223670

9 0.25 2 $394.32

Sigma FBS F2442, Lot #17C179

406 <0.03 10 $379.48

Sigma HI FBS F4135, Lot #16M462

31 0.06 9 $400.68

Corning FBS (USDA - not US origin) 

35-010-CV, Lot# 35010156

250 0.96 15 $307.40

Sigma FBS (USDA - not US origin)

F0926, Lot# 17H392


0.6 20 $316.94

Number of bottles available and price are subject to change.