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The CCF Storeroom has moved to MSRBI Room 025G.

Cell Services and LN2 are still in the Jones Bldg.

The CCF will be closed Thursday & Friday, November 23th & 24th.

Orders for all companies will be placed on Monday, November 20st at 11:00 am.

No orders will be placed on Tuesday or Wednesday (November 21 and 22).

Fetal Bovine Serum


Lot Availability & Cost

These lots have been screened by the Cell Culture Facility. Certificates of Analysis are available by clicking on the lot number.

Special CCF prices can be found on Shop Now > Lab Products if you search only by the catalog number.  Do not select the vendor name.


 Bottles Available
as of 11/20/017


  Endotoxin EU/ml


 Hemoglobin mg/dL


 Cost per 500 ml

Gibco FBS 16000044, Lot #1856032


<0.2 10.9


Gibco HI FBS 10082147, OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 12/15/2017



Hyclone FBS SH30071.03, Lot# AC10223670

325 0.25 2


Hyclone HI FBS SH30071.03HI, Lot# AC10223670

34 0.25 2 $394.32

Sigma FBS F2442, Lot #17C179

578 <0.03 10 $379.48

Sigma HI FBS F4135, Lot #16M472

127 0.06 9 $400.68

Corning FBS (USDA - not US origin) 

35-010-CV, Lot# 35010156

167 0.96 15 $307.40

Sigma FBS (USDA - not US origin)

F0926, Lot #15M472


0.06 17 $316.94

Number of bottles available and price are subject to change.